September 25-28, 2012. Moscow, Troitsk.

The 8-th International Conference "Carbon: fundamental problems, materials science, and technology"

On September 25-28, 2012, in the heart of New Moscow, the city of Troitsk, the 8th International Conference took place, presenting the latest developments in the study of the carbon properties and its use in various branches of science.

The conference program included several thematic areas:
  • Discussing the recent advances in the study of the new carbon forms;
  • Physico-chemical studies and carbon structural nanomaterials applications;
  • Implementation of the new carbon materials in the various business areas.

The conference program included some plenary lectures reflecting the most urgent problems in the fields of chemistry, physics, and technology of carbon materials. An extensive poster session, discussions, and round tables were organized.

The following reports attracted keen interest:
  • "Graphene Research" by A. Zhukov, the Director of the Mesoscopy and Nanotechnology Center, University of Manchester, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics;
  • "Direct and inverse phase transitions in nanodiamond-onion-like structures" by a Research Fellow, Ph.D. from FSBI TISNCM;
  • "First-principle study of the nitrogen impurity effect on the structural, elastic, and vibrational properties of a diamond" by Ivanova T.A., a postgraduate student, ISAN;
  • "Electrical conductivity nanofragmented and fullerene-modified aluminum" by A. Zameshin, MIPT (SU) Student.

The most interesting report texts will be placed on the carbon society web-site. A photo report from the conference is available here.

Special thanks to the "Trotek" television for providing the video materials.