June 8 – 12, 2009. Helsinki.

Ministry of education and science of Russia, FSBI TISNCM and Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre in Helsinki are organizing seminar-exhibition “Novel nanostructured and carbon materials in sensor technique” to support and consolidate scientific and technological cooperation between Finland and Russia. The aim of the upcoming seminar-exhibition is to show some technological developments of leading Russian research and technological organizations in modern materials.

Carbon and nanocarbon materials are among the most perspective for high-tech use. New technologies are required to produce such materials. Seminar-exhibition “Novel nanostructured and carbon materials in sensor technique” will show some results in this field gained by the participants. You will see the materials and production made of them, different aspects related to research and development of modern materials will also be shown:

  • Large grown diamond single crystals. High-pressure-high-temperature production technology.
  • CVD diamonds and their applications.
  • NANOSCAN family of scanning nanoindenters. Complex investigations of hardness, elastic modules and relief of surfaces.
  • Micro-surgery diamond scalpels.

With reports will act: V. D. Blank, A. P. Ivashchenko, N. V. Kornilov, V. S. Bormashov, A. S. Useinov, V. Z. Mordcovich, V. M. Prokhorov (FSBI TISNCM), A.V. Dunaev (INCMT), A. N. Zhiltsov (Kristalin Co, Ltd).