Department of Physical and Mechanical Properties Research


Department Head, Dr. A. Useinov


  • Development of the novel approaches to measuring the physical and mechanical properties of materials in the nanoscale. Designing the original measurement methods and instrumentation.
  • Development of the metrological base to provide the uniformity of measurements for the physical and mechanical quantities at different scale levels.
  • Establishing the metrology systems and regulations to ensure the traceability for certification of the composition, structure and properties of the structural and functional nanomaterials, mechanical and tribological properties of nanomaterials and nanotechnology products.
  • Comprehensive study of the physical and mechanical properties of different types of materials, including novel superhard materials, structural nanomaterials, thin films and coatings, diamonds and diamond powders.


Scanning probe microscopy:
- Topography, roughness
- Map of mechanical irregularities
- Profilometry

- Microhardness
- Nanohardness
- Elastic modulus (Young's modulus)
- Degree of elastic recovery
- Adhesion
- Map of hardness
- Microconstruction stiffness
- Mechanical nanolithography
- Fracture toughness, strength, adhesion and thickness of thin films

Surface topography research with a high spatial resolution by the optical and scanning probe microscopy.

Mapping of the elastic modulus, local conductivity and electrical impedance in the nanometer resolution.

Study of the physical and mechanical properties of the bulk samples of materials, including measurements of density, microhardness and fracture toughness.

Metallographic studies.

Investigation of the physical and mechanical properties of superhard material powders, including such characteristics as grain size and morphology, static and dynamic strength parameters, abrasive power, thermal resistance, and magnetic properties.

Sample surface preparation in a wide range of hardness values (0.5-50 GPa) for metallographic studies.


1. NANOSCAN 3D Scanning Nanoindenter

The Department develops and produces NanoScan Scanning Nanohardness Testers that combine the abilities of classic nanoindenters and scanning probe microscopes, with a range of additional features.






  • Surface topography images captured by scanning with a 1.5 nm step in the scanning field up to 100 µm.

A 3D image of the surface topography of polycristalline SiC.

  • Mapping of the elasticity modulus with nanometer-scale resolution.

Superpure polycrysralline Nb (99.99%).
Surface topography.

A map of elasticity modulus.

  • Elastic modulus measuring by nanoidentation and force spectroscopy (by the dependence of the probe oscillation frequency on the indenter penetration depth). Диапазон измеряемых значений модуля упругости от 1 до 1000 ГПа.

  • Hardness measurement by microindentation, nanoindentation, and sclerometry followed by surface scanning in the indentation area. Диапазон измеряемых значений твердости от 0,1 до 80 ГПа.

Image of the imprint on a steel surface.
Max load is 10 g.

  • Mapping of local conductivity and electrical impedance. This mode is used in complex research of materials intended for micro- and nanoelectronics, and multilayer nanostructures.

Film structure of gold on a silicon substrate.
Surface topography.

Map of local conductivity.

  • Measurement of the hardness, elasticity modulus, crack resistance, strength, adhesion, and thickness of thin films.

19 nm titanium film
on a silicon oxide substrate.

A distinctive feature of the device is the use of special probes with synthetic diamond (superpure and doped) indentors, as produced by TISNCM.

All of the original techniques employed in “NanoScan” are patented in the Russian Federation.

Devices of the “NanoScan” family are used in the leading scientific research institutions in both Russia, e.g. IMET n.a. Baikov, Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman , All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrological Service, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys, “Prometey”, and abroad, e.g. institutes in the USA, Germany, Belarus, and Taiwan.



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